2014 Mercedes S Class Convertible

2014 Mercedes S Class Convertible

Just recently Maybach brand has been removed from Daimler offer and there is a spot to fill with ultra luxury vehicles. This is the task that will be delivered to Mercedes that is well known by its quality and luxury that can deliver.

Will they manage to deliver the same level that we were able to see from Maybach we will see. This is a perfect for a S class to get more attention and brings luxury level that we have seen in cars made by Maybach. One of the first cars that will attempt to bring that is 2014 Mercedes S Class Convertible that we were able to see in past but it was quickly put to rest.

Latest information’s that we have received says that the future Mercedes S-Class Convertible has officially been confirmed by Mercedes insiders and will be based on the Ocean Drive Concept unveiled at the 2007 Detroit Motor Show. The model will be offered as an alternative to the very unsuccessful Maybach Laundalet, but unlike it, the S-Class Convertible will feature a folding fabric roof and will be offered in a two-door configuration.

When it comes to engines for this car there is a large number of choices that Mercedes have, we will be able to see units that will be brought in sedan version. We can expect to see sedan in 2013 to be unveiled and few months latter convertible will be also delivered.

Main competition to 2014 Mercedes S Class Convertible will be Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe and one of the main advantages of Mercedes will be significantly lower price. We are used to pay more for a car with Mercedes badge but with this vehicle we might have a little different story since we will need to pay more for a Rolls-Royce badge.

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